n A clumsy, unsophisticated person from the country. Who was that yokel I saw Leticia White out with last week? 1810s

Historical dictionary of American slang . 2014.

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  • yokel — (n.) 1812, perhaps from dialectal Ger. Jokel, disparaging name for a farmer, originally dim. of Jakob. Or perhaps from English yokel, dialectal name for woodpecker …   Etymology dictionary

  • yokel — ► NOUN ▪ an unsophisticated country person. ORIGIN perhaps from dialect yokel «green woodpecker» …   English terms dictionary

  • Yokel — Yo kel, n. [Perhaps from an AS. word akin to E. gawk.] A country bumpkin. [Eng.] Dickens. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • yokel — bumpkin, hick, rube, clodhopper, clown, lout, *boor, churl …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • yokel — [n] person who is mired in local custom backwoods person, boor*, country cousin*, country person, hayseed*, peasant, rustic; concept 413 …   New thesaurus

  • yokel — [yō′kəl] n. [prob. < dial., green woodpecker] a person living in a rural area; rustic; country bumpkin: a contemptuous term …   English World dictionary

  • Yokel — Country bumpkin redirects here. For the pony in J. R. R. Tolkien s legendarium, see Bumpkin (Middle earth). For the song by country music singer Cal Smith, see Country Bumpkin (song). Yokel is a derogatory term referring to the stereotype of… …   Wikipedia

  • yokel — UK [ˈjəʊk(ə)l] / US [ˈjoʊk(ə)l] noun [countable] Word forms yokel : singular yokel plural yokels impolite someone who is not very intelligent or who does not know a lot about the world, usually because they come from a small town or village …   English dictionary

  • yokel —    A contemptuous term for a country bumpkin, in use since the beginning of the nineteenth century. It may derive from the connection of a yoke with a ploughman, though yokel was also a dialect word for a kind of woodpecker. The word is not often …   A dictionary of epithets and terms of address

  • yokel — noun Etymology: perhaps from English dialect yokel green woodpecker, of imitative origin Date: circa 1812 a naive or gullible inhabitant of a rural area or small town …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • yokel — yo|kel [ˈjəukəl US ˈjou ] n [Date: 1800 1900; Origin: Perhaps from yokel green woodpecker ] someone who comes from the countryside, seems stupid, and does not know much about modern life, ideas etc used humorously …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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